Against The Grain Gourmet Against the Grain Gourmet

Against The Grain is committed to baking gluten free products using the natural properties of real foods. We combine innovative, artisan baking techniques with naturally gluten free ingredients to stabilize, bind, and leaven our breads. In fact, we don’t use a single ingredient that you couldn’t find in your own pantry. The result is a line of products with absolutely no compromise in taste, quality, and texture. We are a celiac-owned family business. Like you, we have to navigate our way through the maze of specialty and mainstream gluten free products, some excellent, some not so good, some we trust implicitly, some that have given us reason to doubt them.

We strongly believe in supporting our local economy and family farms. We buy all of our ingredients, supplies and services locally whenever possible and don’t cut costs at their expense. We work with Efficiency Vermont to source the most energy-efficient heating, cooling, lighting, and equipment, and we recycle vast amounts of cardboard, paper, and cans.

Big Rich’s Gourmet Hot Sauce and Marinade Big Rich's Gourmet Hot Sauce and Marinade

Big Rich’s Gourmet Hot Sauce is the the sauce you will fall in love with. With six delicious flavors, it is the great on anything sauce. Use it for marinating or dipping, it is the perfect addition to your meal. Gluten free and fat free, what’s not to love?

Don’t believe us? Try it for yourself.

Choomi Cookies Choomis Gluten Free

Mass-produced cookies aren’t worth their weight in dough. We think if you’re going to treat yourself to a cookie, it should taste as good—nay, better—than homemade. That’s why we made the CHOOMI COOKIE.

Born in a kitchen—not a factory—our cookies contain no artificial preservatives, colors, flavors, or GMOs. We mix, roll, and bake each one by hand in small batches, using a special recipe developed by creator and expert chef, Peter Zinn, at his restaurant in Portland, Maine.

Only fresh, real ingredients come together to make a moist, flavorful Choomi cookie that will truly treat your taste buds.

Gillian’s Gluten-Free Gillian's Gluten-Free

My daughter Gillian was diagnosed with Celiac Disease in 1992 when she was six years old. Click here for more information. As an infant she was plagued by anemia, colds, ear and other infections and had a general appearance of frailty. Small in size, she lacked muscle tone and coordination. It was a long and frightening journey to a definitive diagnosis, spanning several years and many doctors and hospitals. Yet knowing Celiac Disease is treatable and that Gillian with the proper diet would grow and develop normally was an incredible relief to her family.

Learning what foods were and were not safe was an exhausting process. Many additives are wheat-based and found in most common foods. Safe foods are flours and starches made from rice, corn, potato, tapioca, arrowroot, beans, peas, & nuts. Meat, poultry, fish, eggs, fresh fruits & vegetables, & dairy products without gluten-containing additives, flavorings or dyes are also safe.

For me, an executive chef, finding a palatable bread that would not fall apart in Gillian’s lunch box was my new mission. Much research and experimentation over several years finally resulted in a bread that Gillian gave a thumbs up. Gillian’s Foods is proud to offer what we think is the best gluten-free, lactose-free bread on the market today.

Homefree Cookies Homefree Cookies

We prepare all Homefree products with great care in our own dedicated baking facility. From kitchen design, to staffing, to ingredients, Homefree treats are made with allergy safety in mind.

No peanuts, tree-nuts, eggs, wheat, dairy, soy (except lecithin), fish, shell fish, or sesame are permitted in our facility for any reason at any time. The only soy in our facility and some of our products is soy lecithin, which is tolerated by most (but not all) people with soy allergies. Our kitchen is dedicated gluten-free as well. Our delivery area is separate from the kitchen, allowing us to wipe down all ingredient deliveries. And our well-trained staff members wear Homefree clothing and shoes to avoid carrying in allergen traces.

Not only do we keep allergens and gluten out of our own facility, but also we are careful about where our ingredients come from, including requiring allergen and gluten documentation from every ingredient supplier. And we go further. We conduct our own allergen testing for peanut, almond, egg, and milk proteins on our incoming ingredient batches. Additionally, we randomly test our cookies for these allergens and for gluten.

We hope you will be as comfortable eating from our kitchen as you are from your own.

Joe Tea and Chips Joe Tea and Chips

We are an independent company with a capital “I”. But that is about as far as the “I” goes because we are a “WE”. We are a family business that was started from the trunk of a Dodge Intrepid. That was many, many, many miles ago. We have a great team of associates, distributors, and suppliers who we ask a lot of, some of the best retailers on the planet and, of course, incredible consumers – without whom there would be no business.

“What makes your stuff so special”? A simple answer is “Have you tasted it”? We do our best to make mindbogglingly, great–tasting stuff that sports our retro logo, which you can generally spot from across a large room. For those of you already in the know, we thank you for your support…

Little Lad’s Little Lad's Gluten-Free

Little Lad’s Herbal Corn Philosophy — Vitamin B-1 is necessary for the digestion of carbohydrates, starches and sugars. This formula: oxygen plus B-1, plus enzymes, results in carbohydrate combustion. This same formula without the B-1 makes Pyruvic acid. This acid builds up in the cells and is particularly irritating to brain cells. Pyruvic acid contributes to mental dullness, peevishness, and nervousness. We at Little Lad’s know that a lot of people are eating white flour, white rice, white tofu, white pasta, and other vitamin deficient foods, so we thought we would make something whole grain to eat that is actually loaded up with extra nutrition, especially B vitamins. It seems like some people have become so simple as to not understand the complex, like complex carbohydrates. So to them avoiding whole wheat toast and a bowl of oatmeal is the same as avoiding a doughnut. Instead of trying to explain this complex issue to a vitamin deficient brain we just make food that even the most simple seem to enjoy. At Columbia University, two student groups were given capsules, one group was given B vitamins and the second group a placebo. In six weeks, the average grade of the first group was 27% better than the second group. In other words, they were getting better at handling the complex issues. So hopefully for them, as well as the rest of us, carbohydrates that are not stripped of their nutrition will no longer be “scary!!” This is so important to us that we spend as much or more on seasonings, as we do on the other ingredients, and still offer ours at competitive herbal corn prices. Try some Little Lad’s Herbal Corn or any other Little Lad’s product for that matter, or come to one of our restaurants. One meal is worth ten thousand words!!

Lucky Spoon Bakery Lucky Spoon

Hi, we’re Jim and Pam, the founders of Lucky Spoon Bakery. And our company is changing the way people think about gluten-free food.

Gluten-free has always been code for “taste-free” or “you can eat it but you probably won’t like it.” Until now. We’ve made gluten-free good … really good, in fact.

Pam has always had serious baking skills. So, inspired by her gluten-intolerant husband Jim, Pam set out to re-invent gluten-free. To serve up foods every bit as tasty as their fully glutenized counterparts. We think you’ll agree … she’s done it. In hindsight, maybe we should have named the company Lucky Husband Bakery.

From now on, Lucky Spoon Bakery will be synonymous with moist, fresh and delicious. Oh, and gluten-free, too. We are on a mission to share gluten free goodness with the world. We invite you to give them a try. At first, you may be motivated by the gluten-free part. But we think you’ll be back for more – because you can taste the love in every bite.

Maine Pie Company Maine Pie Company

Jill Miller has over a decade of baking experience under her apron. She owned The Runcible Spoon in Nyack, New York with her husband Lou for 11 years, a full service bakery specializing in flavorful homemade pies. Focusing on their family, Jill and Lou then moved to Kennebunkport, Maine. Eager to put her hands back in the dough, they opened Port Bakery, another full service bakery featuring the same outstanding pies Jill was famous for in New York.

Over the years, Jill heard more and more customers ask for a gluten free option. She decided to take matters into her own hands, creating a gluten free crust that’s not only moist and flaky, but delectably buttery too! Filled with an abundance of fresh fruit and the finest quality ingredients without preservatives or additives, Maine Pie Co’s pies are a delightful treat for everyone.

Jill and Lou have built a designated gluten free kitchen in Biddeford, Maine where they create all their lab certified gluten free pies and products.

Maple Nut Kitchen Maple Nut Kitchen

If you’re a granola lover, you are in for a treat! We are proud to offer what many are saying is the best granola they’ve ever tried. We work hard to provide you with delicious granola made with only the best ingredients.

All of the flavors are made with gluten free and vegan ingredients, but you won’t miss anything because they are filled with plump dried fruit, crunchy nuts and toasted oats. Each flavor is hand blended and then lightly baked to seal in the delicious taste. We love making Maple Nut Kitchen Granola daily, fresh out of the oven, filling the room with so many wonderful aromas! We hope you will try some of our award winning granola!

Mitchell’s Fresh Mitchell's Fresh

Mitchell’s Fresh products have been in stores since 2006, but their gluten-free salsas, dips and strips have been in the works for over twenty years. Their products are made by hand in Concord, New Hampshire, using only the finest and freshest ingredients. They continue to perfect and expand a delicious line of food products.

Mitchell’s Fresh line is now comprised of twelve (and counting) salsas and dips, as well as white and blue corn tortilla strips. All of Mitchells Fresh products are made by hand with only the finest and freshest ingredients. And while the company’s product mix and popularity have certainly grown over the years, their passion for having fun and producing tasty salsas, spreads and strips hasn’t changed a bit. After all, Mitchell’s Fresh believes in one simple truth — if it’s not fun, it’s probably not worth doing!

Number 9 Chips and Salsa Number 9 Salsa

Our Number 9 line was created for those who love the taste of authentic salsa. Each variety is made with at least 9 healthy veggies and four to five varieties of peppers to develop a rich, well-rounded flavor that is unique. We use only authentic salsa ingredients in our recipes. Instead of vinegar, we use lime juice to impart a flavorful, citrus finish. No vinegar, no added sugar, no fat. Vegan. Wheat- and Gluten-free.

We developed Number 9 Tortilla Strips to be the best whole-grain and veggie chips you’ve ever tasted, and are certified gluten-free. Our process delivers a rich, well-rounded flavor with honest-to-goodness crunch. The reason our tortilla strips taste so good is the unique blend of veggies and whole grains that we use in our recipes. We use only High Oleic Sunflower or Safflower oils (vs. Canola or Soy) because these oils contain antioxidants which help preserve the fresh flavor and nutrient quality of our tortilla strips. The vegetables and whole grains in our strips contain naturally-occurring vitamins, minerals, and fiber that we all need to maintain healthy bodies.

Onesto Foods Onesto Foods

Just like you, we want to know what is in our food and where it comes from. Our crackers start with simple ingredients, nothing complicated. We strive to make food that we would want to eat, and feel good sharing with our kids. That’s why, we want to be as transparent as possible. We want you to feel good about our products and what goes into them.

Onesto products will debunk the myth that healthy is synonymous with bland. Our food is not only delicious, it is good for you. Onesto Artisan Crackers are wheat-, dairy-, and preservative-free; always hand crafted in small batches, the way food was meant to be made.

PaneBelle Pizza & Bread Dough PaneBelle Pizza and Bread Dough

With over 22 years of experience making the finest pizza dough in New England, we also offer a terrific line of Gluten Free & Organic products under the PaneBelle brand.

Our dough is made in Maine using natural, organic ingredients. It’s certified kosher and vegan approved. The name PaneBelle comes from the Italian for “beautiful bread” – chosen because we strive to create products with the flavor and artistry of the Old World – while minimizing the impact on our world.

We believe that pizza and bread should be healthy as well as delicious. To that end, a portion of every purchase goes to support the cause to fight childhood obesity. So you can put your customers’ minds at ease while putting their taste buds to work

Popzup Popcorn & Seasonings Popzup Popcorn & Seasonings

The Popzup Popper – The safe, new way to microwave popcorn that’s naturally delicious. Each Popzup Popper has everything you need to pop 12 large bags of microwave popcorn without chemicals, plastic, or silicone. It comes with 2 pounds of non-GMO and Gluten Free popcorn kernels in 12 single batch pouches. The box that holds the popcorn kernels is the reusable microwave popcorn popper. After 12 uses just recycle or compost.

Popzup Popcorn Seasonings – All our seasonings have clean labels – they are blended with only real, pure ingredients without fillers, flowing agents, flavor enhancers, or chemicals of any kind.

Popzup Popcorn K-Pouches – Contains 7 pouches of Non-GMO and Gluten Free popcorn for hot air or oil popping. Our popcorn products are manufactured in Dover, NH while our popcorn kernels are grown in Pennsylvania. All Popzup Popcorn Product ingredients are sourced in the USA.

Rhode Island Organics Rhode Island Organics

You take the time to grow vegetables; or select produce from your local farmers market; or select the very best produce at your local market to ensure that your family eats great fresh organic products produced from sustainable, environmentally-friendly farming!

Now, after all of your diligence and effort to select the best for your family, you can complement your products with organic omega-3 salad dressings from Rhode Island Organics. Nothing but pure certified gluten-free (except our Ginger Plum, at the moment) & organic goodness! In RI Organics you will find organic ingredients and items that have been harvested or produced without damaging the Earth’s ecosystem.

Something Sweet Without Wheat Something Sweet Without Wheat

Something Sweet Without Wheat, conveniently located in both Woburn and Arlington, MA, is an award-winning, unique bakery that has captured the repeat business of local and distant patrons, with an outstanding reputation for some of the finest gluten free and wheat free cakes, breads, cookies, muffins, pies, and more in the New England area.

Our Mission…

Our mission at Something Sweet Without Wheat is to provide fresh homemade gluten free baked goods to be enjoyed by everybody, with or without food allergies. We strive to reflect our passion and commitment through our employees’ upbeat desire to supply only the best products. We believe that the effort to stay happy and healthy should still be appetizing! * All products are also lactose free with the exception of denoted items.

Swoffle Dutch Waffles Swoffle Dutch Waffles

We are a father-daughter team with a passion for healthy and delicious food. Our gourmet Swoffle waffle cookies are inspired by the traditional Dutch treat, the “stroopwafel”. Each Swoffle is made from organic, kosher, non GMO, gluten free flour with a layer of creamy caramel or french vanilla in the center and are an ideal compliment to a hot cup of coffee or tea.

Not only do we love sharing these great products with you, but we also care about making a meaningful contribution in our community. We have teamed up with local non-profits and through purchasing our Swoffles, you’re helping to provide meals to those in need. Each month, Swoffle has been able to provide several thousand meals to food banks throughout the country.

Tate’s Bake Shop Tate's

What makes Tate’s Bake Shop treats so deeply delicious? It is something we call the bake shop way. The bake shop way is our commitment to uncompromising quality and bake-craft. It is nourishing the soul and delighting the world with exceptional taste experiences. It is what guides everything we do.

Tate’s Bake Shop has been Voted the Best Bakery in the Hamptons year over year and is a destination for locals and tourists alike. A visit to the bake shop reveals Kathleen’s personality is in every inch of the store, from the fresh flowers to the carved wooden tables. “People feel very comfortable coming here,” Kathleen says, “and that’s part of the experience of Tate’s Bake Shop. It just goes with chocolate chip cookies and apple pie.” With a community of loyal customers and lines that stretch out the door, Tate’s Bake Shop is, as the New York Times noted, “worth putting miles on the odometer.”

Today, Tate’s Bake Shop is an internationally recognized brand, loved for Kathleen’s signature – irresistibly crisp and buttery chocolate chip cookies – as well as an ever-expanding line of bake shop delectable desserts including gluten free offerings. Kathleen’s intuition, passion and principles continue to guide everything we do. So enjoy one of our deeply delicious treats and experience “The Bake Shop Way”.

Toufayan Bakeries Toufayan Bakeries

The Toufayan family’s been baking breads with quality and care since 1926, the year we opened our first bakery. Still family owned over 90 years later, we’re one of the largest, privately-held specialty bakeries in the United States, filling lunch bags, toasters and tummies with our fresh flatbreads, pitas, bagels and snack-time yummies. Toufayan® Bakeries produces over 100 varieties of baked goods daily, including product options and innovations created to meet a variety of specific consumer needs, such as Gluten Free wraps and pita chips.

From our Corporate Headquarters and Pita plant in Ridgefield, NJ, to our two bakeries in Orlando and Plant City, FL, the third generation of Toufayans still carefully oversees every step of the manufacturing process, from ingredient sourcing, production and baking to packaging and distribution. Families have been relyin’ on the fresh taste of Toufayan for generations.

White Mountain Kettle Corn White Mountain Kettle Corn

White Mountain Kettle Corn is a wholesome, delicate, and crunchy all-natural snack. When we pop corn, we make it crispy, slightly sweet and lightly salted. It’s twirl-around-the-room-delicious! White Mountain Kettle Corn is a high whole grain snack that has just 130 calories per serving (about 3 cups)!

This all-natural, gluten-free, dairy-free, no cholesterol Kettle Corn makes a great snack for people with a wide range of allergy concerns. It is made on dedicated equipment that is not used to make anything containing peanuts, tree-nuts, wheat, barley, rye, oats, dairy, eggs, or seafood.

Zen Bear Honey Teas Zen Bear Honey Tea

Zen Bear Honey Tea is a Maine family company. We try to have a light step on the planet by using locally foraged and farmed herbs and honey whenever possible. Our non-local ingredients are organic and free trade as much as available. And our promo and packaging materials are recycled.

Zen Bear Honey Teas are a gently infused herb, spice, honey and tea mixture designed for glowing health and exquisite taste. Each flavor has a balance of guiding and supporting herbs and spices which enhance honey’s own benefits.

Most of all our mission is to provide a sense of comfort, well-being and happiness which we believe radiates out to raise our shared sense of peace and gratitude. If this sounds like a tall order, don’t worry. Just enjoy your tea.