New Product as of November 2017!

Big Rich’s Gourmet Hot Sauce and Marinade Big Rich's Gourmet Hot Sauce and Marinade

Big Rich’s Gourmet Hot Sauce is the the sauce you will fall in love with. With six delicious flavors, it is the great on anything sauce. Use it for marinating or dipping, it is the perfect addition to your meal. Gluten free and fat free, what’s not to love?

Don’t believe us? Try it for yourself. Our flavors include:

  • – Bacon
  • – BBQ
  • – ‘Hot as Hell’
  • – Maple
  • – Original
  • – Peach Mango

Lazy Bear Tea Lazy Bear Tea

Gourmet Lazy Bear was founded in order to craft wholesome, delicious beverages from ‘cascara’. When we set out to build that vision, we also took to heart three simple premises: we should enjoy the beverages we drink, those drinks should nourish us, and their ingredients should be responsibly sourced and produced.

What is CASCARA? Let’s start with the literal translation: ‘cascara’ translates to husk, skin, or peel in Spanish. For coffee cherries, cascara refers to the red outer layers of the fruit, which house the beans that get roasted into the coffee we all know to date.​ After the coffee bean is removed, the coffee cherry is often discarded, even dumped into waterways. It’s estimated that each hectare of coffee is responsible for 2.25 tonnes of coffee fruit waste each year, contributing to 75% of the water pollution associated with coffee production.

But there is another (delicious) way to do things. What remains of the fruit can be carefully dried into ‘cascara’ and brewed into our delicious, super-fruit teas that contain powerful antioxidants, revitalizing energy and real flavor, not tons of added sugar. Enjoy our delicious flavors:

  • – Lemon Agave
  • – Mint
  • – Natural

New Wave Delights Meringue Crisps New Wave Delights Meringue Crisps

New Wave Delights were created for one reason: to enjoy a treat without all the added fat and calories. We’ve changed a lot, from starting with chocolate chip cooking, to meringue bark, and finally arriving at our finished product, the meringue cookies. We strive to bring the best and well made product to store shelves, and will always do so for every package sold.

Our meringue selections include:

  • – Chocolate
  • – Vanilla

Organic Green Kitchen Spices Organic Green Kitchen Spices

Organic Green Kitchens spices are certified organic and kosher, giving you confidence that our product will bring your cooking to a new level of enjoyment. Our locally-owned business uses the finest of ingredients from as far away as India, adding a tantalizing flavor to all your home-cooked foods.

Our flavorful spices options are:

  • – Cinnamon
  • – Coriander
  • – Cumin
  • – Curry
  • – Fenugreek Powder
  • – Fenugreek Whole
  • – Garam Masala
  • – Garlic
  • – Ginger
  • – Lemon Grass
  • – Mustard Seed
  • – Onion
  • – Psyllium Husk
  • – Red Chili
  • – Turmeric

Popzup Popcorn & Seasonings Popzup Popcorn & Seasonings

The Popzup Popper – The safe, new way to microwave popcorn that’s naturally delicious. Each Popzup Popper has everything you need to pop 12 large bags of microwave popcorn without chemicals, plastic, or silicone. It comes with 2 pounds of non-GMO popcorn kernels in 12 single batch pouches. The box that holds the popcorn kernels is the reusable microwave popcorn popper. After 12 uses just recycle or compost.

Popzup Popcorn Seasonings – All our seasonings have clean labels – they are blended with only real, pure ingredients without fillers, flowing agents, flavor enhancers, or chemicals of any kind.

Popzup Popcorn K-Pouches – Contains 7 pouches of Non-GMO and Gluten Free popcorn for hot air or oil popping. Our popcorn products are manufactured in Dover, NH while our popcorn kernels are grown in Pennsylvania. All Popzup Popcorn Product ingredients are sourced in the USA.

Available seasoning flavors:

  • – Buttermilk Ranch
  • – Cheesy Taco
  • – Everything Bagel
  • – Guiltless Kettle Corn
  • – Maple Alder Smoked
  • – Smoked Caramel
  • – Solar Dried Sea Salt
  • – Sweet Sriracha Chili
  • – Vermont Maple

Rhode Island Organics Rhode Island Organics

You take the time to grow vegetables; or select produce from your local farmers market; or select the very best produce at your local market to ensure that your family eats great fresh organic products produced from sustainable, environmentally-friendly farming!

Now, after all of your diligence and effort to select the best for your family, you can complement your products with organic omega-3 salad dressings from Rhode Island Organics. Nothing but pure certified gluten-free (except our Ginger Plum, at the moment) & organic goodness! In RI Organics you will find organic ingredients and items that have been harvested or produced without damaging the Earth’s ecosystem.

Try one of our salad dressings today!:

  • – Balsamic Vinaigrette
  • – Caesar
  • – Honey Mustard
  • – Plum Ginger

Wild Island Non-dairy Ice Cream Wild Island Non-dairy Ice Cream

A non-dairy artisan ice cream made from plant-based products, exotic and native ingredients, and hand-crafted extracts and vegan caramels. Most flavors are vegan; all are non-dairy.

Handcrafted in Boothbay Harbor, Maine by Chef Summer, we call our non-dairy ice cream “functional food”. Wild Island is ice cream with benefits!

Available flavors include:

  • – Blueberry
  • – Chocolate
  • – Mocha
  • – Vanilla