New Products for March 2018


From us to your kitchen: Buenas is a line of specialty goods inspired by South America to aid everyday home cookin’. Looking for a new favorite ingredient to use in your go-to dishes? Want something of the heat-and-eat variety? Cool. We got you.

We make everything with good old-fashioned elbow grease and love. And we use the best ingredients we can find. Which means as local as possible and as organic as possible. The only claim we’ll make: “our stuff tastes really, really good.”

Buenas sauces from NESF:

  • – Chimichurri
  • – Pembre

Buenas empanadas from NESF:

  • – The Uruguayan — spinach with Mozzarella, Ricotta, Parmesan in a Béchamel cream
  • – The Root Medley — root veggies roasted in maple syrup (potato, sweet potato, carrot, yucca, garlic, ginger)


Green Bee Sparkling Water Green Bee Sparkling Water

The “Green Bee Way” is:

Bee Sweet – We always use nature’s purest form of sweetness — honey!
Bee Natural – We always use whole ingredients. We always say NO to extracts and preservatives. Our flavors come from nature: fresh pressed juices, natural herbs and spices.
Bee Real – We walk the walk. Handcrafted means Handcrafted. We take pride in the fact that we make our products ourselves. We don’t contract out the hard work and then put the word “Handcrafted” on it.
Bee Different – “Innovate, Don’t Imitate” – Founder, Chris Kinkade
Bee Sustainable – We give back to the land by embracing sustainability. We support bees and they support local agriculture. Our scraps from production either feed the chickens or go to our compost pile.

Enjoy these delicious, refreshing flavors:

  • – Blueberry
  • – Ginger
  • – Lemon

JaJu Pierogi Jaju Polish Pierogi

Locally Made
Hand made in Gloucester and available in specialty stores and farmers markets across the area, we love to source ingredients locally, partner with other small businesses, and get to know our community.

Time-tested Process
Inherited from our Jaju, this traditional polish process is a labor of love. Everything from mashing potatoes to making and cutting the dough, we do from scratch with our hands.
Jaju Pierogi
Simple Ingredients
Featuring flavors like cabbage and mushroom, sweet potato, butternut squash, apple & sage, kielbasa, potato and cheese, and jalapeño cheddar, our pierogi use only a few straightforward ingredients.

NESF supplies the following pierogi varieties:

  • – Cabbage and Mushroom
  • – Potato & Cheese
  • – Butternut Squash with Apple and Sage

Me & Ollie’s Granola Munch Me & Ollie's Granola Crunch

Me & Ollies was born out of the love and respect for baking great breads, and the desire to bring good honest food to the seacoast communities. Our roots literally begin in the fertile grounds of Northern Montana home of our organic wheat. Big Sandy, Montana is home to our farmer [affectionately known as Montana Bob] and to the farms where the world’s best hard red wheat is grown. This wheat is trucked to us across the country 45,000 pounds at a time to its destination: Me & Ollies Bakery in Portsmouth, NH. Here we mill the wheat berries into fresh flour resulting in the best tasting most nutritious bread available.

We are now offering a new treat made from the same quality products as our bread! Our own Granola Munch, made here in New Hampshire. An earthy, crunchy, sweet and salty treat made from tasty clusters of natural whole grains and nuts, sweetened with honey and a touch of pure vanilla!

Pulp Kitchen Juices Pulp Kitchen Juices

Our juices are 100% Cold Pressed and certified organic.

Pulp Kitchen is a Vermont based company, and we pride ourselves in using local organic farms to produce the best tasting, best for you juice in Vermont. We care about our community, the environment and treating people right. We are honored that you have come to our site and hope you enjoy the juices that we have carefully prepared for you.

The Pulp Kitchen family believes in making a juice that will benefit your health while taking care of our fragile earth and sustaining small farm families. Sometimes our juices cost more and sometimes less. We encourage our customers to do their research and judge our juices based on their taste buds and beliefs. We are certified organic and will always be completely transparent with what goes into our juices. We will never add preservatives or artificial flavors to our products.

NESF supplies the following Pulp Kitchen flavors:

  • – Elevate (beets, carrots, apple, ginger, lemon)
  • – Revitalize (kale, cucumber, celery, parsley, apple, ginger, lemon and lime)
  • – Turmeric Sunshine (carrot, apple, orange, lemon, turmeric)

Silverton Foods Silverton Foods - Sauces and Marinades

Sauces, Marinades From Our Maine Lodge.

We are passionate about bringing a memorable experience to our customers at our Maine sporting camp and a big part of that experience is great food. Over the years we have developed many wonderful recipes and we are pleased to offer our sauces and seasonings for everyone to enjoy. We knew that great food was an important part of this experience and putting memorable meals on the table is a big priority. The sauces, marinades and seasonings that are offered here have come from that commitment. I hope you will enjoy these unique products and that they will become a part of your memorable meals.

NESF supplies the following Silverton Foods sauces and marinades:

  • – Apple Rum
  • – Classic Cocktail Sauce
  • – Pineapple Bourbon
  • – Special Blend Marinade
  • – Wild Maine Blueberry Vodka Sauce

Still Thyme Soda Still Thyme Soda

Our sodas have been formulated by professional herbalists in the vein of apothecary sodas of the past with attention to ingredient synergy and proven herbal actions. For hundreds of years simple preparations with real, organic ingredients were employed before being traded out for industrial food processes. Revitalizing these lost traditions and making them accessible to the masses is what makes us different.

Our Sodas Are:
Full Of Organic Herbs
Not Filled With Chemicals
Minimally Processed
Just Sweet Enough
Gluten Free
GMO Free

Our soda flavors include:

  • – Hibiscus Mint
  • – Holy Basil
  • – Rose Balm

Stump Chunks Kindling and BBQ Sauces Stump Chunks Kindling

Stump Chunks was developed by four brothers in NH, it is the culmination of an innate knowledge of the slow growing, dense wood native to cold New England climate and a lifetime of making memories around the fire with family.

For years, stumps would be placed in a big hole and covered up leaving them to decompose, thus contaminating our water supply. But after a generation of recycling and finding better ways to utilize this natural resource, the brothers discovered one more use.

Stump Chunks was born one cold night when the brothers discovered how easy it was to start a fire using dried chunks of wood from old tree stumps. It sounded a little crazy to sell the product; it seemed too simple. But it worked so well that we just had to share.

Step 3 BBQ SaucesCompletely green and self sustaining, Stump Chunks is 100% wood. It contains absolutely no chemicals or additives. The secret to this magic is in the stump itself. It just took some clever but chilly fellows to figure out how to unleash its potential.

We’ve recently added a new line of Step 3 BBQ sauces to enhance the meat cooked over these fires. Our delicious flavors include:

  • – Back Roads (Thick Golden Goodness)
  • – Camp File (Smokey Mesquite)
  • – Sweet Thrill (with Pure Maple Syrup)

Vermont Kale Chips Vermont Kale Chips

Vermont Kale Chips’ Mission is to nurture the growth of a strong healthy spirit in all people. When you make healthy food choices, you will feel better about yourself and your spirit will grow. So, stop, breathe, and know when you eat Vermont Kale Chips you are nourishing your spirit as well as your body.

On top of all that, need we say, they are delicious!

  • – Garlic Scallion
  • – Kaleo Crunch
  • – Not So Plain Original
  • – Olive Oil and Sea Salt